Community Acupuncture in Downtown  Northampton!


160 Main St. (Next to the Artisan Gallery)
Suite 23 and 24 (Third Floor)
Northampton, MA 01060

**Please note that our building is not accessible. We are located up two flights of stairs and do not have an elevator.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


$50/Initial Visit
$35/Follow up Treatment

*Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards are accepted

(Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express)


$180 for 6 follow-up treatments ($30/Visit, 15% off)
$315 for 12 follow-up treatments ($26.25/Visit, 25% off)

Do We Accept Insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not. However, many healthcare plans with flexible spending accounts now cover

acupuncture; consult your insurance company for more information.

We are happy to provide receipts for reimbursement.


Take a look inside our clinic!

in the 

(413) 586-8251

Please remember that our clinic has a

scent-free policy.

Our clinic is a shared space and some of our patients are very sensitive.

Therefore we ask that you refrain from use of ANY scented body products and perfume before your appointment. *This includes "natural" fragrances and scents.

We appreciate your cooperation.


Mondays:  12-5 w/Rachel
Tuesdays:  12-5 w/Rachel
Wednesdays:   9-3  w/Rachel     

Thursdays:      2-7 w/Anne Louise
                   Fridays:         9-2 w/Rachel    2-7  w/Anne-Louise

       Saturdays:        8-2  w/Anne-Louise

What is community acupuncture?

*group setting with both recliners and tables

in one large room

*soothing, calm atmosphere

*individualized treatments

*ease and convenience of online scheduling 

*lower prices than private, one-to-one sessions


Please wear loose-fitting clothing that allows access to arms, legs, abdomen, neck and shoulders

safe, gentle, effective, and affordable!

Why Do People Receive Acupuncture?

*To Relieve Pain Without Drugs

*To Heal From an Injury  and/or Trauma

*To Sleep Better

*To Digest Better

*For Less Painful Menstrual Periods

*For Fertility Support

*For Support throughout Perimenopause and Menopause

*To Boost Your Immune System

*To Regulate an Overactive Immune System (ie, Autoimmune issues)

*To Calm an Overstimulated Nervous System (and over-engaged Fight or Flight Response)

*To Simply Relax and Reset Your Body

These are some of the reasons why people receive acupuncture, and many are surprised by just how relaxing it feels!  Some people tell us their treatment is the favorite part of their week!

Curious about it? Give it a try. Don't let those tiny, sterile needles scare you away!  Have questions? Call or email us for more information.