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Spring Wood Treatment is Happening


Reminder-Rate Change, Winter Water Treatment, Holiday Hours

Rate Change- Fall 2021

Treating Anxiety and Depression with Acupuncture

Fall Hours, Protocols, and More

Summer Update: Policies, Hours, Scheduling

Mask Policy Update:  The New Mask Policy is... Two Masks!

Clinic Update, Vaccine Info, the Science of Happiness and More


News from Rachel, Schedule Changes and Holiday Clinic Hours

​We Now Carry CBD Products: For Relief, Relaxation and Restoring Your Energy

​Digesting in 2020: Earth Season Begins, Zucchini Pasta, New Bathroom Signs

​Consuming Information and the Liver, Summer Hours, Protocols, and Options to Donate

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July 2020 - Reopening in Progress, Hygieia, Virtual Wellness and the Lion's Breath

June 2020 - Nourishing your Fire Within, Five Element Fire at its Peak, Reminder on Scheduling, Everyone is Connected

March 2020 - Thoughts on the Corona Virus, Wood Treatment, Detox Treatments, and Fragrance Free Reminder

February 2020 - Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows, Reducing Insomnia, Hygge, and Do Needles Hurt?

January 2020 - Hygge Preview, Heart Brain Coherence Part Three and Applications in the Treatment Room, Your Questions

Answered, New Rates and Radio Interview Link


November 2019 - The Little Brain in the Heart, Skin Care in Fall and Winter, and the Oatmeal of Asia

October 2019 - Raffle Winner, Yin and Yang in Balance and in Relationship, Katie's News and the Immune Point

September 2019 - The Turning of Yang into Yin, the Constitutional Metal Treatment, the Mood of the Metal Element

August 2019 - The Spleen Houses Thought, Earth Element Treatment, and Lending Library Reminder

July 2019 - Hot Flashes, Night Sweats & Yin Deficiency, Eating Local & One Bowl Recipe

June 2019 - Summer Fire Treatment, New Guide to Online System and the Asparagus Festival

May 2019 - The Placebo Effect, the Points Behind the Detox Treatments, Lending Library and Pride

April 2019 - Detoxing the Mind, the Nocebo Effect, the Power of Positive Thinking, and Detox Clinic Starts

March 2019 - The Rising Up of Wood, the Wood Treatment, Detox Clinic, and Making the Most of Your Clinic Experience

February 2019 - Acupuncture and Relating, Empaths, Clinic Hours Change, the "Inner and Outer Gates", and Mary Oliver

January 2019 - Thriving in Winter, the Water Treatment Recap, What Acupuncture Treats, and a Kidney Acupuncture Point


December 2018 -Water Constitutional Treatment, Spirit of the Points, Holiday Specials

November 2018 - Managing GERD and Heartburn, New Clinic Hours and Goodbye to Katie

October 2018 - Hours Change, Paleo Bread, Metal Treatment Revisited

September 2018 - Special Metal Treatment, One-on-One Treatments and Clinic Update

August 2018 - Earth Element Treatment, New Thursday Digestion Clinic, Treatment Packages Update, and Motherwort

July 2018 - Following the Clues of Your Body, the Magic of Lemon Balm, the Big Heat Point in Acupuncture

June 2018 - Benefits of Going Organic, Summer and the Fire Element, and Special Fire Treatment June 21st

May 2018 - Detox Clinic, Noho Pride and Gratitude to YOU

April 2018 - Clinic Update, Nettles, Wood Treatment Revisited, Signs of Wood Imbalance

March 2018 - Spring and the Wood Element, a Special Offering, New Artwork Coming

February 2018 - New Hours, Survey Results and Update, Medicinal Mushrooms, Fertility & Acupuncture

January 2018 - Link to Survey about Possible Clinic Move, Light Therapy in Winter and Winter Weather Policy


December 2017 - Treatment Special, Holiday Hours, Point Zero and Cayenne Pepper

November 2017 - Roots to Resistance Portraits, Treating Pain with Acupuncture, Fire Cider Recipe, Lung 5 and Mullein

October 2017 - Parking Changes , Acupuncture and Migraines, Autumn in the Five Elements, Our Favorite Immune Tips

September 2017 - New Rates and Schedule Update, the Season of Late Summer, Biking for Food

August 2017 - Summer Cooling Foods, August Hours, Vegan Matcha Ice Cream, Outdoor Music in Noho

July 2017 - Welcome to Anne Louise, Summer Hours and New Forms

June 2017 - News, Sun Protection, Summer and the Fire Element, Dairy Free Ice Cream

May 2017 - Additional Summer Hours, Benefits of CSAs, Tuesday Market, and our Fight or Flight Workshop

April 2017 - Local Honey for Allergies, Brain Detoxing, the Wood Element in Spring, Green Smoothies

March 2017 - Maca the Superfood, Back Porch Festival, Maca Energy Bars, and the Radical Practice of Being Still

February 2017 - Warming Winter Herbs, Lung 10, Making the Most of Winter in New England, and Elderberry Syrup

January 2017 - The Healing Benefits of Bone Broth, Chicken Broth Recipe, Curried Lentil Ginger Soup, Benefits of Ginger

Root, Kidney 7, and Dairy-Free Cocoa


December 2016 - Essential Oils, Make Your Own Candles, Tips for a Healthy & Balanced Holiday Season, Shimian & Kidney 1

November 2016 - Fight or Flight Response Workshop, Healing Benefits of Cinnamon, Fatty Coffee, Phat Fudge Recipe

October 2016 - Fight or Flight Workshop, Immune Building Tips, Pumpkin Puree Recipe, Dampness and Spleen 9

September 2016 - Adaptogens, Sleep Tips, Morning Routines, Double Chocolate Brownie Recipe, GV20

August 2016 - The Art of Fermentation, Tiny, Affordable Artwork, Lemon Rhubarb Muffin Recipe, Gallbladder 21, Arnica
July 2016 - Survey Results, the Big Heat Acupoint, Hydration, Sugar Cravings and Gymnema, Tahini Salad Dressing Recipe
June 2016 - Acu Detox, Turmeric, Coconut Oil, Tuesday Markets, the Power of the Color Green
May 2016 - Our first newsletter!

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