Mondays 9-5  w/Rachel

Tuesdays 9-5  w/Rachel

Wednesdays  9-2 w/Rachel

Thursdays  2-7  w/Anne Louise

Fridays  9-2 w/Rachel  2-7  w/Anne Louise

Saturdays  8-2  w/Anne Louise

Closed Sundays


Community Clinic:

$50/Initial Visit
$35/Follow up Treatment

Discount packages are also available for clinic follow up treatments. See the home page for more information.

One-on-One Treatments:

$100/Initial Visit
$75/Follow up Treatment

*Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards now accepted*
(Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express)

One-on-One Treatments - NEW in Fall 2018!

We are now offering one-on-one treatments on a limited availability basis, in addition to the regular clinic hours listed above.

Please note that One-on-One Treatments are not currently available online, and we have limited availability. If you are interested, please email Rachel directly or call the clinic and leave a message.

Not sure which type of appointment is best for you?

Here's a Guide to help you choose -

We recommend One-on-One Treatments if:

*you are new to acupuncture and not sure how it all works, would like the extra time in a private session or two to get more comfortable  with the experience

*you have a number of health concerns and feel you would benefit from a more intensive session and more time to discuss your concerns and receive recommendations

*you are an experienced community "needle napper" and would like an occasional One-on-One session to go deeper

*you would like to receive cupping in addition to the needles, or might benefit from a multiple-step treatment (e.g., "front and back treatment")

We recommend Community Clinic Treatments if:

*you are looking for a treatment based on your individual needs, that is affordable, easy to schedule, and you don't mind sharing space with others; in fact, you may prefer it to a private session, as many of our clients do!

*Please note: If you are currently a community acupuncture client and interested in One-on-One treatments, it is recommended that you schedule an Initial Visit to give you and your practitioner the full benefits of having a more intensive intake and treatment time. We will take a deeper dive together! 

Still not sure?  Please feel free to call the clinic or email Rachel for more information.

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