Water Element Treatment - coming in December 2018!

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Please note that these treatments are timed specifically, to correspond to the exact day and time of the year that the element and organ system is thought to be most powerfully affected and restored, in accordance with Chinese medical theory.

Fire Element Treatment - June 21st, 2018  9-10:30pm

"The summer season actually includes two elements: the Fire element in the beginning and the Earth element at the time of harvest.
Fire is the emperor in the five-element theory and rules the shen. In English, the shen translates as radiance of being and presence. It is that quality in a person that makes you notice and think: “Wow that person seems healthy and together!”. It is also the element that rules the heart and the arteries. It helps circulation, cardiovascular health and the distribution of fluids (blood, lymph) and all the hormones they transport throughout the body..." - to read more about the Fire Element treatment, click

Five Element-Themed Treatments Now Offered~

Read below to learn about the special once-a-season* treatments now being offered, related to that season's element/organ systems.

*Chinese medicine recognizes five seasons throughout the year, the usual four plus a Late Summer season, between summer and fall.

Earth Element Treatment - Tuesday, August 21, 2018  8am-10am

Wood Element Treatment - March 21st, 2018   11pm-12:30am

"In the five element tradition, the doors of the wood energy are the most available during the Spring Equinox (March 21) between the hours of 11 pm and 3 am. These are the hours of the Liver and Gallbladder. Treating the horary points at this time is the most powerful wood treatment you can get during the year..." - to read more about the Wood Element treatment, click here.

Anne-Louise Smallen, our licensed acupuncturist on staff who was trained in the Five Element style of acupuncture at the Maryland University of Integrated Health (formerly Tai Sophia Institute), brings some of her unique training and approach to acupuncture with these special offerings throughout the year--offered at the specific time that the season changes. Read below to learn more about upcoming clinics, as well as previous ones.

Metal Element Treatment - September 2018

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