Spring is an optimal time of year to be supporting your own body’s renewal and transformation; just as the desire to “spring clean” one’s home can come up naturally, so too, can it be extremely beneficial to cleanse your body internally.

Acupuncture can naturally, but powerfully, support your Liver’s detoxification functions (flushing toxins), as well as decreasing inflammation, improving your resilience to stress, and increasing metabolism. It can also raise the level of serotonin in the body, which decreases cravings.

For best results, a holistic approach is always the most effective. Tweaking your diet, adding or increasing your exercise routine, beginning a meditation practice… small, manageable goals are the most successful.

We have three different protocols we will be using for treatments, based on your current goals:

Protocol One:  detox from smoking, drinking, using recreational drugs or other lifestyle habits not serving you.

Protocol Two:  support with food addiction, binging and purging, etc..

Protocol Three:  help with medication side effects  Acupuncture can help flush your system without affecting medication benefits.

Stay Tuned for more Info on 2022 Detox Treatments Coming in the Spring!

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Stay Tuned for 2022 Spring Detox Info! - We will announce here if we are doing the Spring Detox treatments in 2022