My acupuncture practice began in 2006 on Main Street, as Northampton Community Acupuncture, where I offered both private sessions and community acupuncture until 2010, and worked as a community acupuncture clinic from 2010-2022.

Since joining CLINIC in 2022, I’ve been enjoying offering both private and community sessions again. I can say, with confidence, that I have performed thousands of acupuncture treatments over the years, in a wide variety of settings. My needling style is quick, often painless, and meant to help you relax immediately.

My education includes a research-focused Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Neuroscience and Philosophy, a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture at the New England School of Acupuncture, and two years apprenticing with the renowned acupuncturist, author, and teacher, Kiiko Matsumoto. My current studies in astrology are with Debra Silverman and her Applied Astrology program.

I identify as non-binary (she/they), believing that our fullest expression of self is fluid, and therefore not limited to an either/or paradigm. I welcome folks of all genders to work with me in a safe, supported environment. In fact, I believe that energy medicine can be deeply healing, as a pathway for helping people become fully embodied, embracing all of who you are and integrating all that you have experienced, to reach your fullest expression.

I believe that the highest form of medicine and healing includes both intellect and intuition, the mind working with the heart, and both in alignment with spirit. What this means for how I practice is that, while I have spent thousands of hours dedicated to science, research, and learning the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I am also an intuitive and empathic healer, and believe that both are essential to practicing medicine.

What this means for you as a client -  you will be seen as a whole human being, not just a diagnosis. Why does this matter?  Because the current practice of Western medicine is full of specialists, who focus on one part of the body or another. While there are benefits to developing expertise in how one specific body part or system works, the result is that the whole picture is often lost, and the context is lost.

When we can see (and be seen by others as) ALL of who we are, that allows us to BE all of who we are in the world - a gift to ourselves and to everyone around us.


I am passionate about learning, and sharing my ideas with others. I’ve been on a very deep dive into studying astrology in 2023, thru an advanced astrology and psychology training program, with the intention of incorporating astrology readings as a healing modality, beginning in late 2024 or early 2025, both online and in person.

Both Chinese Medicine and Astrology are an art and a science. Both require learning a new language, and they are both complete systems of understanding how we operate. Each system illuminates how every one of us is a microcosm of the whole. For me personally, astrology has helped me uncover, reclaim, and bring forth parts of my being that I hadn’t realized had been forgotten or neglected, and with this newly reclaimed joy and hopefulness, I would love to share these tools and seeds of wisdom with you!

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Rachel S. Condon, Licensed Acupuncturist and Owner

(413) 341-5224