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Here's what people had to say about the special Fire Treatment in June 2018 with Anne-Louise (read more about these treatments on our Special Offerings page):

" I think the treatment was very centering and emotionally energizing. It had the quality of changing me into more of 'who I really am,' that is, without the overlays of multiple health challenges. In that sense, it was healing and integrative." - D.S., 52 years old

"I loved the fire treatment. It was really cool to come in late at night and return home very relaxed and ready for bed. I noticed during the next few days after the treatment that I had less physical anxiety. My breath was less tight and my body felt more relaxed." - R.N., 26 years old

"After my treatment the biggest change I noticed was sleep. I slept more than 8 hours for 3 nights in a row, and I typically sleep 5-6 hours a night. I did experience improved circulation, especially in my legs and feet. I had some swelling in my left foot that completely went away after the treatment." - S.B., 45 years old

And here are some responses to the special Wood Treatment in March 2018 with Anne-Louise:

"I slept well after the treatment and noticed in the following days that my craving for sweets was less pronounced and easier to control.” - D.S., 52 years old

"After the treatment and for 30 minutes after I came home, I felt very energized. Then I was able to settle and fall asleep naturally after that. I often have to take something for sleep. I have been able to fall asleep naturally for a few days after that.”- A.L., 39 years old

"I had really healthy bowel movements in the next three days after the treatment and felt a dramatic increase in physical and mental energy. For me I felt a bit over-stimulated. It was not stressful or anxiety-provoking just a lot of mental stimulation/thought/energy. I felt I needed some grounding after the treatment.” - J.K., 44 years old

“A couple of days after the treatment, I noticed that despite my allergies and cold, my energy came back and was good.” - D.B., 58 years old

“We really loved the points that were focused on. The energy in the room was so strong and healing at that time of night and seemed so special. We both had a great night of sleep and our level of calmness carried on for a few days. It was beneficial to our continued self care regime.” - I.N. male, 35 years old, and E.N. female, 32 years old


And these are some testimonials received for our regular community acupuncture clinic:

"Every practitioner is great here! It's professional, personal and affordable. Thanks so much. My body thanks you too." - Dee, 60 years old

"I learned about NCA from my cousin. I have been suffering from painful sciatica for the past year and she suggested I try acupuncture with Rachel at the NCA. I made an appointment and after the second treatment I was experiencing relief from pain and after two weeks of treatment I was completely cured. Thank you Rachel for giving me back my life. Without you I would still be house bound." - Walt, 69 years old

"Katie Oleksak is a wonderful clinician and a great person. She has been helping me with chronic intestinal disease as well as sleep problems and other issues. I would recommend her to anyone." - Suzy, 66 years old

"Katie has been a supportive partner in helping me to heal from ongoing muscle and joint pain. She is a competent and caring practitioner and her treatments are always gentle, calming and restorative. The clinic is anything but clinical; it is a warm and welcoming healing environment that I would highly recommend to anyone." - Bob, 50 years old

​"I have rheumatoid arthritis and came upon acupuncture about a year ago after some negative side effects from modern medicine. When I came to this practice, my hands and shoulders were severely inflamed, I could not make a fist without bringing tears to my eyes, and everyday activities like getting dressed and washing dishes were accompanied with pain. I had trouble sleeping due to the discomfort in my shoulders and upper back. I was concerned that I may have to take a leave of absence from my job if I didn't turn this around. I can honestly say, acupuncture gave me my life back. Within the first few sessions, the inflammation subsided and the pain in those areas went away. What better time of year than at Thanksgiving to say "Thank You" to Katie and Rachel for all that they've done for me this past year. I live now pain-free, I exercise and life is so much more peaceful!" - Jane, 55 years old

"Edie and I want to thank you for another four months of acupuncture treatments at Northampton Community Acupuncture.  We feel so fortunate that we can receive care from you in the summer/fall and from St. Petersburg, FL. Community Acupuncture during the other 8 months of the year.
We have found you to be gentle and professional and attuned to our needs.  The fact that, in our eighties, we choose to walk up 3 flights of stairs twice a week to receive your wonderful services should be testimony enough.  The fact that we can walk up 3 flights is a testimony to acupuncturists and other non-traditional, holistic health care professionals like you who have helped us to maintain good health.  Thanks so much for providing a peaceful setting and competent care!" - Jackie, 85 years old and Edie, 80 years old

"Nestled up the old, creaky wooden stairs right beside Ted's Boot Shop is an oasis of healing that is a wonderful place to ease your aches and pains, both physical and spiritual. Northampton Community Acupuncture has been life-changing for us and Rachel and Katie are amazing at what they do. We have found tremendous relief for a variety of symptoms - from chronic back pain to joint pain to anxiety. The center offers healing services in a way that is affordable to those on modest incomes. The walls are covered with beautiful art work and the treatments are comfortable and relaxing. Definitely a place you should check out!" - West, 53 years old and Kathi, 54 years old

"For the past 10 years I have been struggling with disc problems in my lower back. There were times that I could only lay on the floor and take pain pills to alleviate the pain. I have had multiple cortisone shots as well as physical therapy for months on end, which never made the pain go away. A good friend of mine, who had more back issues than me, told me about Rachel. She changed my life! The effect was not instant, but after the first month I noticed significant change. I have been going once a week for about 18 months now. It is inexpensive, very relaxing, and quite honestly the best hour of my week! I tell everyone who has any ache or pain to call Rachel! - Jill, 53 years old

"Problem - chronic back and joint pain, for many years due to my profession, nursing - very positive experience here with Rachel - She performs "miracles with needles" - I have positive thoughts during my treatments and it does work (use mind over matter).  I have tried other treatments including narcotics, cortisone injections (with some relief), now with acupuncture, much more positive results. On a pain scale (used to be 9/10 most of the time), now easily 1-3 at times, I can tolerate that. I was told I needed a back transplant, which is not done yet!" - Mary, 69 years old

"Rachel's NCA services may be voted Second in the valley, but I believe NCA is the best. I was both skeptical of this type of service and had a healthy respect of needles, but now I can rely on NCA's services - "The Best." - Dennis, 66 years old
"Amazing - A peaceful sanctuary worth inestimably more to the community than most healthcare. Thanks so much, Rachel. You've helped me immensely this week, and I feel especially blessed to have been watched over by the incredible Roots to Resistance pieces." - Craig, 32 years old

"I feel proactive and engaged in taking care of my physical and mental well-being by coming here." - Audrey, 42 years old

"So far my experience with Northampton Community Acupuncture has been great.  I had never tried acupuncture before and I find it relaxing and helpful.  I had two specific areas of concern, my ankle and my finger.  Both have improved with acupuncture but there have been several other benefits as well - increased energy and mobility in general.  I would recommend Northampton Community Acupuncture to anyone."  - Faith, 54 years old

"I love going to my appointments at Northampton Community Acupuncture because I know that the environment is lovely and safe and conducive to healing, and because of Rachel Condon.  She is such a talented healing practitioner!  She tunes in, listens deeply, and uses her skills to create an immediate improvement in my health and well being.  I have had great results with treatment for muscle injuries and stress reduction; it's powerful healing!  I highly recommend Rachel Condon's Northampton Community Acupuncture; it's affordable, it's healing, it's necessary."  - Lisa, 50 years old

"This was my first time and I'm a skeptical person. All I can say is, try it! And give you a few words that came to me: bliss, release, relief, calm."  - Daisy, 46 years old

"Words never say what is... yet these words are all we have at this time. Rachel's treatment with me today is the best ever - what more can I say? Thanks."  - Kaba, 68 1/2 years old

"Very friendly, peaceful place to heal, be free of pain, and relax. I strongly believe in the benefits of acupuncture and all energy work based on the meridian chakra system. Thank you." - Cynthia, 45 years old

"My regular acupuncture sessions seem to create in my body an opportunity for deep rest and healing. I feel nourished by Rachel's expertise and compassion, and supported by the healing environment she has created at Northampton Community Acupuncture. -  Ash, 62 years old

"Dear Rachel, I want to bring you flowers." - Theanna, 7 years old

"Acupuncture has been a Godsend for me over the years. I have always told Rachel, if I win the lottery, I'd put her on retainer."  - Becky, 44 years old

"Being treated with Rachel at NCA has not only lifted my body and mind to its best places, but has profoundly bolstered my immune system. Rachel is truly an amazing healer." - Denise, 45 years old

"The community clinic supports my well being in so many ways: Rachel's warmth and care nourish my spirit, her acupuncture treatments nourish my body and the cozy waiting room is just nice to sit in! I'm really grateful that we have the community clinic in Northampton! - Linda, 48 years old

"I had digestive problems and blood loss problems as well as a nerve problem running down my leg. Acupuncture has helped me tremendously. I look forward to my weekly visits. Rachel is such a caring, kind person. A very relaxing experience."  - Karen, 63 years old

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